is the first-ever and only hedge fund media and research consultancy based in China to monitor global hedge fund investment and marketing in the Greater China Region.

CHINA HEDGE is the alternative media to provide information links to hedge fund concepts, investment strategies, product information and entity operation for mainland Chinese investors and regulators. It is uniquely placed to assist global hedge fund and alternative investment managers venturing into China's investor community and regulatory environment.

CHINA HEDGE is the research expert of manager selection solution for global investors to cover the Greater China Hedge Fund Managers.  It is the premier partner to advise global hedge fund and alternative investment managers to invest in China domestic markets.

CHINA HEDGE is the incubation advisor to let onshore China private investment funds and hedge fund managers to go offshore to set up the Greater China hedge funds, marco and CTA funds.

CHINA HEDGE is the marketing partner to pave the way for global hedge fund and alternative investment managers to source China QDIIs players and mainland Chinese investor space.

CHINA HEDGE is the investment advisor to
help China institutional investors and high net worth individuals efficiently and effectively pick global hedge fund and alternative investment products according to their offshore investment needs.

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China Hedge Weekly - 
It is the premier e-publication on business of hedge fund and alternative investment in China, offering unparalleled insight into China capital market's' news and information.

English version is covering global hedge fund investment and marketing business in China, the profile and strategies of offshore and onshore China Hedge Fund Manager and the introduction and application of updated local hedging assets to be applied in mainland China.

Chinese one is about global hedge fund news and investment strategies, introduction of global hedge fund products and how global hedge fund managers investing and marketing in China.

China Hedger Party - 
It is a networking party and financial gathering platform in China.  Regular functions and events are arranged in China cities to communicate hedge fund and alternative investment information.  Accredited party members only include global hedge fund and alternative investment managers, offshore and onshore China hedge fund managers, Chinese institutional investors, professionals from hedge fund services providers, private bankers & local IFAs, etc.

Hedge Fund?
Hedge funds refer to funds that can use one or more alternative investment strategies, including hedging against market downturns, investing in asset classes such as currencies or distressed securities, and utilizing return-enhancing tools such as leverage, derivatives, and arbitrage.
Definition from HFSB